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The reader will well appreciate the fact that the importance of this health-bringing agent is in some respects similar to that of the gospel, because no home, be it Christian. Jewish, or heathen, can afford to be without a copy of it. And the gospel’s first concern being one’s health, this heaven-sent agent is, therefore, the “entering wedge” for Bible and colporteur work, and it will, if rightly used, not only open doors and hearts to the gospel of all time, but also to Its “meat in due season” (Matt. 24:45), the message of the hour, “the everlasting gospel.” Rev. 14:6. Hence, those wishing to engage in such a worthy cause, can more successfully labor with this appealing, friend-making, heart-changing, and body-building forerunner. 

And, moreover, that it be comprehensible to all classes of society, it is written in language which all can readily comprehend. And finally, to give it the usefulness of a pocket-companion, so that one can conveniently refer to it at all times — at home and away from home — only the most practical and essential health hints are given, the things which one needs to refer to daily, along with a few sample recipes. 

The enlightenment herein contained is highly essential in maintaining good health, because the world is now living a life that is contrary to its well-being. Consequently, unless one is equipped to proceed wisely through life’s long journey, he can, of course, with certainty expect to break down somewhere in life’s race track, and consequently not reach his goal. 

The greater proportion of people realize that they are now living in a new, unnatural, and upset world, but unless they reform and line up their habits of life with the world that used to be, they too, will gravitate deeper into the ocean of disease and misery, and thus into an untimely and, perhaps, hopeless grave. 

In a natural world books on this subject would not be so essential to one’s daily regimen, but in a world like the one we are now living in, the necessity for such a book as this becomes as serious as if death and misery were about to conquer the last of us. That the world today is in just such a predicament is evident from the fact that it is now increasingly sick and dying from all manner of diseases, and unless there is something done quickly to save it, it will forever pass into oblivion. 

Such a health-wasting and degenerating condition as the one which now prevails throughout so-called civilized lands, is doubtless due to the fact that heretofore all of us health reformers have been teaching only the theoretical side of right living. But now the long-looked-for, the practical, health companion (the only kind that can help anybody correct his erroneous habits, that can enlighten his path, and rescue him from the current of destruction), having finally come, we as Christian workers for the good of others, are hastening to reach all with it. Yes, all, because anyone can have it without money. “Ho,” now Inspiration invites, “every one that thirsteth, come ye to the waters, and he that hath no money come ye, buy, and eat; yea, come, buy wine and milk without money and without price.” Isa. 55: 1. 

If it were to be sold on a strictly commercial basis, the price of this health service would be we perceive, as inestimable as is the worth of one’s health and happiness. Hence, the publishers, operating a strictly gospel press, have made it possible for the distributors to send this health booklet free of charge to all who care to have it.