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1950 General Conference Special

“Has Elijah the prophet already come?” “Is the ancient prophet to appe...

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The Entering Wedge (The Genesis Of Diet And Health)

If it were to be sold on a strictly commercial basis, the price of thi...

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The White-House Recruiter

At this very hour millions without hope are wasting and withering away...

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Something About Health

“We are made up of sixteen essential elements which are replenished only by our daily food consumption"

and when our diet does not contain all of these, as soon as we run out of one or more of them trouble will break out in the weakest part. Hence, no one should presume that it is natural for us to be sick and suffer pain, etc., but let it be understood by all that when we transgress the natural laws which the Creator has established in us, the only way nature can warn us of this transgression is by some symptom of pain or distress,....

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The primary purpose of this study is to unlock the mystery concerning the subject of the 144,000, their relationship to us as Seventh-Day Adventists,

Unkown / 02 May 2016

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Daniel 2

From this study we see that God will finish His work by first purifying His church (the mountain), by separating the unfaithful from the faithful. Thi

Unkown / 14 May 2016

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Matthew 20

The Primary Purpose of this study is to unlock the mystery of the 11th hour laborers of Matthew 20 and their mission, this parable is now ablaze with

Unkown / 03 May 2016


I am grateful to hear of the ministry and its support to hasten the Second Advent of our dear Lord. I am a leader holding a position in seventh day Adventist church for 20 years in various fields. But the church is retreating back from Christ its leader to Egypt the land of spiritual slavery according to the spirit of prophecy.

I am a Zambian Seventh day Adventist youth and i would like to request for some books from your institution that will help me and other brethren to get proper information as well as much detail when studying Bible prophecy and for reference. i have studied the latter rain messages of the following topics Daniel 2,the sanctuary,Zechariah 4.

Receive greetings in the name of Him that created everything in the Universe. I'm a believer in the present truth and have found the health message very important. I have greatly benefited from the health messages .However, may you provide me with more information on cancer and it's treatment using natural remedies.

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Hosea 1,2

This symbolism of the Old and New Testament church shows that although the 12 tribes of Israel and Judah were dispersed, God is to gather together the

Unkown / 15 May 2016

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Matthew 13

We are right now in the last section of the wheat and tares sowing period. The harvest is about to begin. The Angels, the Reapers will soon bind the t

Unkown / 15 May 2016

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Zechariah 6

This prophecy reveals God’s church in the NT era, starting from its early state of purity, followed by its falling away into darkness and aposta

Unkown / 15 May 2016

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Current Events

Now as to what I think about the Palestine situation itself: I think the Jews need to have a place to go to, but I do not think God is lea...

No Comments 1849 Views

26 May 2016 @ 05:35

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Who Are The 144,000?

The subject is, “Who are the 144,000?” First mention of this number in the Bible is in Revelation 7:4: “And I heard the ...

No Comments 932 Views

19 May 2016 @ 02:47

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Why The Church Is Not Babylon?

    The Church Is Not Babylon.    The reason that the church is figuratively not "Babylon" is that it is called Jerus...

1 Comment 1274 Views

26 May 2016 @ 01:30

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World Condition When God's People Deliver.

You remember through our study of the eleventh chapter of Daniel and Isaiah chapters seven and eight and onward, they bring to view a war ...

No Comments 1530 Views

26 May 2016 @ 05:41

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