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As God caused vegetation to grow in the summer and to be dormant in the winter, He consequently constituted man to thrive on fresh garden produce during the summer and on dry during the winter. The fact that no tree can survive the summer without its leaves, but that it does well without them during the winter, again points out that a human being cannot fare well if he neglects to make his diet of fresh garden produce when in season, but that he can fare splendidly on dry, winter, foodstuffs when the fresh are out of season. 

Moreover, as the Lord did not from the beginning provide present-day transportation facilities, did not make it possible for man to import or to export foodstuffs from one remote locality to another, He constituted him to thrive best on the things which his own locality or the one closest to it can produce. To him, therefore, all foods grown elsewhere become secondary, and those which are not in season he does not need. In other words, while the fresh produce is the best for one’s health in the summer, the dry is the best for him in the winter, unless he lives where the fresh produce naturally grows during the winter months, too. 

From these considerations one can logically conclude that the person who lives in a warm climate needs to eat more of the fresh foods, but a person who lives in a cold climate needs to eat more of the dry, preserved, concentrated, heat-producing foods. He who does otherwise is, as it were, firing his house furnace full blast in the summer and running his house cooling system full blast in the winter! Is it not a wonder that a man thus tampering with his body, can long survive through it all? If a deciduous tree should were it possible, shed its leaves in the summer, or put them on in the winter, it would never have a chance again to try such an off-season idea. 

In pre-engine transportation times only a “ruler” could obtain out-of-season foodstuffs: strawberries, cherries, etc., when the snow flurries covered the trees and the icicles spanned from the roof to the ground. 

Having this in mind Inspiration warned: “When thou sittest to eat with a ruler, consider diligently what is before thee: and put a knife to thy throat, if thou be a man given to appetite. Be not desirous of his dainties: for they are deceitful meat.” Prov. 23:1-3. 

In Solomon’s time only a ruler could have used the numerous dainties made from white flour refined sugar, and other commercial foods, but modern machinery now brings the ruler’s “meat” to everybody’s table, and consequently the modernized world is feeding on “deceitful meat,” meat that does not supply the body’s needs, that does as much good to men as a fisherman’s bait on a hook and line does to a fish that goes after it. 

Fruit is a summer food, designed to keep the body cool. And moreover it is more of a dessert than a meal. 

Canning of foodstuffs has become another health-destroying device, because the majority of people try to subsist on canned goods the year around. If you wish a prosperous and happy life, then break away from artificial, lawless life and thus from the world’s ills.