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How the key Mideast nations in the conflict shape up

                                                                 Iran       Syria       Israel

Total Population                                    69 mil      18.9 mil       6.2 mil

Military                                                  $4.3 bil     $858 mil*     9.45 bil.

Expenditures                                      (2003 est)                         (2005 est)

As Percent Of GDP                                   3.3%       5.9%          7.7%

Military Manpower

Total Active                                           540,000      296,000      168,000

Total Reserve                                        350,000      354,000      408,000  Main Battle Tanks     1,613           4,600          3,090

Attack Aircraft                                        163+             520            399

Nuclear Weapons                                    Not yet          No             No

*Based on official budget data (fiscal year 2000) that may undertake spending.  Sources: Center for Strategic and International Studies.  CIA World Fact Book. (Taken From: US News, July 31, 2006, p. 30)


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