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Now as to what I think about the Palestine situation itself: I think the Jews need to have a place to go to, but I do not think God is lea...

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26 May 2016 @ 05:35

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What Does Prophecy Have To Say About The Current World Crisis?

“We are standing on the threshold of great and solemn events.  Many of the prophecies are about to be fulfilled in quick successi...

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10 May 2016 @ 06:17

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The Signs Of Christ's Second Coming Or The Signs Of The Kingdom--Which?

  We as students and gospel teachers have for years dwelt heavily on the signs of Christ’s second coming, but not at all on th...

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04 May 2016 @ 01:53

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World Condition When God's People Deliver.

You remember through our study of the eleventh chapter of Daniel and Isaiah chapters seven and eight and onward, they bring to view a war ...

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26 May 2016 @ 05:41

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Current Events That May Fulfill Prophecy

Because the bone of contention among the angry nations of today is the world’s markets, and because the churches are threatened by t...

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25 May 2016 @ 08:40

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Preparation For The Seal Of God

An Awakening Call to the 'PREPARATION FOR THE SEAL of GOD' As adherents of the Three Angels Message and supporters of the Bible and the S...

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10 May 2016 @ 02:02

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40 Years In The Wilderness

"It was not the will of God that the coming of Christ should be thus delayed. God did not design that His people, Israel, should wander fort...

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10 May 2016 @ 01:59

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